I am an Artist, Mother, Stubborn Optimist, and Coach

Maybe because my grandmother went to college and graduated at 79 to begin her career in journalism, I got the wild idea that we can have what calls to us, and too late, too old, too out of reach was not worth paying much attention to.

And I believe that for my clients

Your passion, possibility, and creative potential that sits just below the surface are for me, beautifully visible even when you cant quiet access your internal fire. My job is to bring oxygen to your flame. 

As a professional coach, I have trained at Erickson International in Vancouver, and am a member of the ICF. In less traditional but equally important learning, I spent a year in mentorship with Don Oscar Miro Quesada, Peruvian wisdom elder who founded Heart of the Healer.

In relationship work, I attended a year and a half Relationship Insight training at the Transition Institute of Marin and this year worked in retreat and privately with Vanessa Stone of the Amala Foundation. She so eloquently reminds me of the importance of asking where do I  really want to invest my power, essence, and life energy to live a nourished life.