cathyschoen-blink-armscrossedI began my career in fine art photography and soon found myself on the other side of the camera working in San Francisco as an image consultant. Whether working behind the lens or in front, I practiced a high degree of empathic attunement in order to capture the client’s true essence.

I then taught Pilates for ten years, both in a physical therapy setting and at my own private studio. Like coaching, my Pilates practice was devoted to assisting high-functioning and high-achieving clients reach better integrated relationships with their whole selves, rather than merely focusing on greater fitness.

During that time, I experienced much joy and satisfaction as my clients became more fulfilled versions of themselves. As a logical progression, I moved into coaching, studying with the Procter Gallagher Institute and then Erickson College International, an ICF accredited institute.

As a lifelong student of human potential, it is my pleasure to help you achieve your best version of yourself.